“Global Delivery Center” is codeword for “India Inc fraud H-1B visa worker center”.

HCL is now about to invade and replace workers @ Stanley Black + Decker.

In doing so, India Inc HCLwhich caused the massive Boeing disaster by supplying fake $9/hr below-prevailing wage H-1B programmers, will illegally replace American workers with fraud H-1B and other foreign guest workers from India.

This is totally illegal under Title 8, Section 1182 INADMISSIBLE ALIENS of Federal law, but no one is going to stop them.

These fraud India Inc lawbreakers need to be shut down and arrested now.

And CT’s gov, Ned Lamont needs to be investigated and recalled for not representing the people of CT. And for not enforcing the law.

First InfoSys invaded the CT insurance sector, now the HCL conmen criminals are moving in for the kill.


Organized crime syndicate HCL’s criminal CEO, C Vijayakumar is engaging in H-1B visa fraud and illegal American worker replacement.