Orin Hatch working for Modi agent too

We have known the traitor Orin Hatch has been working for India for a long time, but now we have photos of him with unregistered foreign agents

The Republican Hindu Coalition is an agent of the Modi gov’t of India operating illegally on US soil to subvert our gov.t

That brings the traitors working with to

Donald Trump

Rand Paul

Marco Rubio

Orin Hatch

Newt Gingrich

Paul Ryan

We need a full investigation of and it’s founder Shalabh Kumar now.

Hatch and Gingrich are also in violation of the Logan Act.

We need to end all foreign lobbies in the US now.

Hatch must be arrested and tried for treason immediately.

Orin Hatch violates the Logan Act by meeting with an agent of a foreign government, Shalabh Kumar, right.

Yes you are.

They’re not legal – they’re all in violation of Title 8. But since when does he rule of law matter to the US gov’t?

Newt Gingrich meets with unregistered foreign agents and India’s foreign minister, left. That’s a violation of the Logan Act.

Unregistered foreign agent Shalabh Kumar, left, and his boss, Modi, president of India.