Sob Story: In ‘Amnesty,’ an immigrant is put in an impossible position

American workers driven out of their jobs, sleeping in tents in the streets, committing suicide, and just about every other imaginable injustice is a pretty impossible position.

John Phillips, co-creator of the Mac Plus at Apple went homeless and died due to H-1B and India Incs. A pretty impossible position, wouldn’t you say?

Immigrants live quite well in America – thanks to jobs they stole from Americans. Not quite “An impossible position”.

They sure do look like they’re hurting, don’t they?

Yep, those immigrants sure are suffering.

Impossible positions: ganging up on Americans, driving them from their jobs, and taking over America’s most important industry.

Another impossible position: fully taking over IBM and kicking all Americans who worked to create it out. America sure is treating immigrants like crap.