H-1B NON-Immigrant Visa Flooding Green Card Applications with Indians

Yes indeed, America is killing its most productive and brilliant engineering class all to assuage the delusions of some failed 3rd rate nation (India) which wants to be like everyone else.

What kind of leading country in the world destroys its most valued jewel?

RICO organized crime shop Wipro only hires Indians. EEOC violator.

Criminal mastermind and Wipro founder Azim Premji, right. The man should be arrested by the FBI for racketeeting in the US the next time he steps off a plane. But because he’s a billionaire, no one can touch him. He has also criminally defamed US engineers on MSNBC, which is also a crime. India Inc organized crime shops such as Wipro are operating all over the US with impunity.

How many Indian engineers does it take to make a piece of software work? Answer: apparently more than India has.

The green card and H-1B systems are flooded with 95% Indians.

That’s a violation of US law and EEOC rules.

If you are not going to force the EEOC to do it’s job, Mr. Trump, then it’s time to close it down and save the US taxpayers $320 million a year.

How about you take the $320 mil/yr and build tiny houses for Americans driven into the streets by non-enforcement by the EEOC?

“I worked hard all my life” said a dejected thrown away American Software Engineer “I was top in my class from a top university, then they threw me away for a H-1B Engineer from India who didn’t know how to do anything”.

Indians are fleeing their shit-hole country and using the H-1B visa as a permanent entry to the USA and to get Green Cards. But with the 7% limit for India, the backlog now stretches more than 10 years. Which is why scum senators are floating new bills to remove that barrier. Because flooding america with FIVE MILLION fake degreed Indians for only FOUR MILLION jobs is a complete genocide of the American software engineer.

THIS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED PERIOD. IT IS OUTRAGEOUS. IT IS GENOCIDE OF OUR BEST AND BRIGHTEST. But no one cares. These are American families with children to feed. Work hard they said. Work long hours they said. Climb the ladder they said. They LIED.

Now it’s a nation of low IQ savages sitting in chairs meant for smart American engineers”.