NY Times: Import More Workers to Expand the Economy

Sounds nice in theory, but doing so has the opposite effect: today’s immigrants come to America for DOLLARS, and to send tens of billions of remittances back home, where they are worth a king’s ransom in the 3rd world.

On top of that, many of them come from countries which hate us, and want to steal our trade secrets.

The US had a massive trade and tax surplus in 1998 before the doors were flung open. Now we’re $23 trillion in debt and China and India are eating our lunch economically. Our tax base is collapsing as well-paid Americans are replaced by cheap foreign labor, many of whom are here on L-1 visas and pay no taxes.

Sorry, NYT, but your international socialist ploy is hurting America, not “expanding” it.

As Michelle Goldberg @ NYT herself said, the real goal of mass immigration is to get rid of Americans.