Aside: PCR: Coronavirus Could Be on the Verge of Worldwide Breakout

Well, the elites engineered it that way since they failed to do any real containment, quarantine, and allowed it to spread.

This was a bioweapons test, make no mistake.

“Boyle reports that the weaponization of viruses for biowarfare is a felony punishable with life imprisonment.  Yet, Boyle says that every country with the capability engages in the work despite its illegality.  Boyle says that the National Institute of Health financed the work at the UNC facility.  As US, Chinese, and Australian governments are complicit in the felonies, they cannot tell the truth about the situation without implicating themselves.  Thus coverup stories such as the claim that the virus came from eating infected bats”.

Chinese Scientists Find Coronavirus Did Not Originate In Wuhan Seafood Market