PCR: The American Economy RIP

22 years of looting by India and China sure has kept the US economy booming, hasn’t it?

All those millions of foreign workers sure have contributed to the US economy.

But India is at a loss to understand why America doesn’t want them here any longer.

“Thirty-eight years ago when I was in charge of United States domestic economic policy, the US Treasury and President Reagan believed that the purpose of economic policy was to serve the country, not Wall Street and the banks or the corporations or any of the various organized interest groups.  Our idea was that policy could not be for this or that part of the economy.  It had to be for everyone.

The Federal Reserve owns assets equal to 20% of US GDP. The European Central Bank owns assets equal to 40% of the euro-zone economy.  The Bank of Japan’s asset hoard now exceeds the Japanese economy in size.

In the Western world employment for white heterosexual males is hard to come by. In the US the small hiring that takes place after jobs are offshored and filled by foreigners on work visas is geared toward women, people of color, and those claiming to be transgendered.

What America has is an economy stagnating in debt with a growing amount of consumer income diverted to the service of debt. This is not Trump’s fault. It is the fault of corporations moving middle class jobs offshore and filling many that remain in the US with lower paid foreigners on work visas. It is the fault of the Federal Reserve’s policy of saving the banks rather than the economy“.

Indeed this is precisely what Jefferson had warned us about: the banks, and the corporations which will grow up around them would deprive the people of all wealth until they became homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

And today it is a reality.

Economic terrorists (central banks) and criminal wage-fixers such as Alan Greenspan should be tried and hung for treason and sabotage. If this man isn’t a saboteur, then who is?