PCR: ‘Why Do Western Governments Favor Immigrant-invaders Over Law-abiding Citizens?’

  1. Because the central bankers who run western countries hate white people – because it is white people who create all the new economic booms which threaten banker profits. Too much prosperity is bad for the loan business. Hence elites and jealous races simply want to eliminate white people, just ask Michelle Goldberg of the NYT.
  2. Elite think they and only they should run the economy, Those smart uppity Silicon Valley workers must be done away with in east coast elites’ minds.
  3. Many of our western pols are full on communists and/or working for foreign governments such as India and China.
  4. Elites love communism because communism means cheap slave labor. Elites and Wall St love cheap slave labor.
  5. Mass immigration drives wages down. Elites love low labor costs.
  6. The only rule of law in the west left are laws for the elites and gov’t. All other laws go unenforced. Especially Title 8.
  7. Losers in loser towns and cities in America have a need to feel important. Since they cannot succeed by work, they gravitate towards gov’t. Gov’t gives them power and control and makes them feel importrant.
  8. A worldwide communist conspiracy, also known as Globalization.
  9. India and China nuclear ICBM launch capability in 1997 and western gov’t are terrified of them. Gov’ts are faced with deciding to bend to the will of nuclear-armed India and China, or bowing to the will of $9/hr American Wal-Mart workers. Guess which one wins?