‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ investigates: Are US companies putting Americans last?

Yes. Because most US companies are inviolation of Title 8 and H-1B laws.

8,000 US jobs looted by India and Jew CEO Randall StephenSON.

What can you do?

Sue them under Title 8, Section 1182 INADMISSIBLE ALIENS, Subsection 5.

And under VISA FRAUD laws.

Training H-1Bs is always visa fraud if they do not have the skills claimed, they cannot legally enter the US on skilled visas.

If they are smarter then why are Americans training them?

Randall Stepheson, AT+T’s CEO is knowingly engaging in VISA FRAUD.

Why hasn’t he been arrested yet?

AT+T will end up just like Boeing. Just wait a few years.

And this is NOT capitalism – this is international socialism. From each according to his abilities (Americans) to each according to his needs (foreign workers).

Try being a former tech worker and being sick to your stomach for 20 years. Every day. All day.

Criminal CEO of AT+T, Randall Stephenson should be arrested immediately for visa fraud. Why do American CEOs all get a pass on the crimes they are comitting? Are they above the law?

Did some say “Medicaid”?

100% Indian perps.