General Motors, Boeing CFOs share ‘immediate, aggressive’ cost-cutting plans

Ah ha.

They still haven’t learned their lessons.

Cheap labor does not work.

Both companies have been licking the cheap labor trough for decades and it has only brought both companies to the brink of death.

Of course, GM was invaded and taken over by a new 39-year old Indian Mafia plant.

Now you know who is engineering these cheap labor, cost-cutting disaster policies.

Until US companies start to pay workers more, not less, they will continue to lose money.

Henry Ford himself once said “I have to pay my people enough to enable them to buy my product”.

Of course Korporate America’s idea of cost cutting plans means firing American workers, and moving the plants to India and China.

India and China need our trade secrets and mfg. know-how and this is how they steal it from us.

Wake up America. Our companies are being infiltrated and targeted by enemy foreign powers.

Boeing shitcanned their invader CIO, but it was too little, too late. Will GM wake up in time or not?