Sob story: ‘Over 200,000 Indians could die in Green Card line: study’

Smells like another fake NASSCOM paid “study” to prove NASSCOM’s point.

Of course the conclusion reached is the one NASSCOM wants the study to reach.

No one is going to “die” in a green card backlog. There is no backlog. All these people are temporary guest workers and were supposed to go home in 2003 when Y2K ended.

The US immigration system is not broken. It was designed the way it is to stop the US from being overrun by any one country, such as India, which it has been.

“And per-country limits on green cards force Indians to bear nearly the entire burden of a broken system, according to a new Immigration and Research Policy Brief released by a leading public policy research organization Monday”.

Indians aren’t bearing the brunt of anything. It’s American tech workers who are being driven from their jobs – in the industry they created.

More LOOK! OVER THERE! lies from the Indian Mafia so it can distract America from what it is really doing – invading and taking us over.

Racist Indians now hold 100% of all tech jobs in the US. They’re not bearing the brunt of anything. They’ve never had it so good.

Yep. They sure are hurting. Just look at all those anguished faces. Where are the American workers?

How can Indians be bearing the brunt of anything when they now hold 100% of IT jobs in America?