Sujeet Rathjan is at it again

Immigration woes increase as Trump Administration shows leniency

What immigration woes?

H1-Bs are non-immigrant visas, remember?

America never promised you anything, and there are no guarantees in life.

Stop your crying.

“Most immigration services, including in-person services at field offices, are closed, till at least May 3, 2020. Those whose visas are expiring, or due for extension, are likely having panic attacks, thinking of how everything will pan out, despite some official gestures to ease the pain….

Politico reported that though the administration has restricted foreign visitors from China, Europe, Canada and Mexico, and postponed hearings for immigrants wanting to remain in the U.S., it has also begun easing the process for companies looking to hire foreign workers on an H-1B visa or L visa, altering some paperwork requirements, including allowing electronic signatures and waiving the physical inspection of documents“.

So easing H-1B requirements and paper work for armies of foreign invaders is “pain” but Americans being driven from their jobs and into tents in the streets is perfectly OK.

That that correct Sujeet?

The only people in America experiencing pain are displaced American workers.

Yep. The racists from India sure are hurting.