Categories agent Rand Paul has a PR stunt too

Don’t be fooled.

This is a distraction.

Our politicians are either bought off, or incredibly dumb, or both.

Probably both.

India’s grand deception of America continues.

The good Senator will go volunteer so no one asks questions about why he’s working as an unregistered foreign agent of the Republican Hindu Colalition – an all-Indian organization with ties to the Modi gov’t of India.

Paul is an unregistered foreign agent.

LOOK! OVER THERE! is how Indians deal with opposition, and no doubt Paul has been told to use the same strategy.

The real purpose is so Americans won’t ask why Paul is working with to craft bills to bring more Indian job robbers into the US.

Even seemingly conservative senators are traitors in today’s America. Shalabh Kumar, right, is an agent of the gov’t of Modi, as the photo at the bottom of this page shows.

Foreign control of our gov’t is now the norm.

Even Trump works for India now.

Yes you are.

Modi has agents in the Biden campaign as well. has also enlisted the services of former Senator Orin Hatch. That means Hatch has violated the Logan Act. He’s not allowed to meet with Modi directly, but he is meeting with Modi’s agents – which is the same thing.

Even Newt Gingrich is in on the act, shown at left here, with India’s foreign minister to his left, and Kumar to the right.

Modi even controls Google and it’s Indian-origin CEO, Sundar Pichai.

Modi has other unregistered foreign agents in the US such as Sanjay Puri of another Indian-only lobbying group, USIN-PAC. We need to end all foreign lobbying now and enforce FARA laws.

Kumar is really an agent of the Modi gov’t of India, under the guise of a businessman. Don’t be deceived.

You really don’t have any idea whom we’re dealing with, do you America?

Doesn’t sound like an ally to us. Indians target anyone who is not Indian.