Cringely: Not Just the End of IT, the End of IT Contractors

Well after all, that is what the elites, Wall St, DC, and banks have wanted all along.

No exceptional jobs for Americans.



That would be a threat to east-ablishment power.

Elites demand that only they live well.

And they simply aren’t going to allow it, no matter what the cost.

Bailouts for the bigwigs, unemployment for US workers.

It’s what elites crave.

  1. Dump Americans
  2. Install Indian CEOs into US tech companies
  3. Move all the jobs to India
  4. Get free money from gov’t and make the dumped workers pay for it.

In any other country there would have been a revolution by now.

“The short version is to expect an even bigger bloodbath as IT employees at all levels are let go forever.

All of those process people are presently barricaded at home, of course. IBM will shortly layoff or furlough thousands of American workers, relying on the government financial support passed the other day. Most of those workers are never coming back.

What process work still needs to be done will come from India, where costs are dramatically lower. Note that this is effectively a way to get around a number of job protection laws for U.S. workers. Clever, if sad, and ultimately bad for the economy”.