‘It’s a shame what’s going on with Apple – it’s starting to become very mediocre and I guess that’s the result when the ICC vultures start infiltrating’

H-1B armies move in to American companies, everything dies, as usual.

Yes Indeed. The Indian Mafia is now destroying Apple. No real innovation since Steve Jobs died in 2011. Americans build the great companies, H-1Bs move in, take over, and ruin them. Silicon Valley, now occupied by Indians.

Silicon Valley has no real future. It’s being siphoned.

The US gov’t is questioning why 1/2 of all US Fortune 500 companies have disappeared since 1996. Around the same time the H-1B Indian invasion began in 1998.

Now the Indian mafia is starting to invade Apple’s executive team also. The new VP of operations @ Apple is an Indian. Probably being groomed to take over from Cook when he steps down. This is how it starts – gradually, slowly, silently – until they gain critical mass and takeover.

Right now Apple is being used as a wealth redistribution engine – the massive jobs and cash pile are being given away to the Indian H-1B army while Apple just sits around and repackages its old innovations as new stuff.

As India continues it fake “innovation hub” con on America, more and more jobs and companies are dying. India, meanwhile is making off with billions of our $.

Possibly the biggest heist and fraud in human history – ever.

Truly a shame, Mr. Trump, Mr. Cook, that you would allow America’s crown jewel to be destroyed by these parasites.

Fake criminal defamer conshops such as Wipro are siphoning and looting America.

More fraud Wipro looters pretending to be programmers.

Once upon a time, just 2 decades ago, when Americans ran Silicon Valley, the US was booming and had no problems. Not anymore.

Anyone want to bet how India will steal Apple and move all its jobs to India? Guess how that might happen.