NYT jumps on ‘Indian doctors saving Americans from COVID-19’

Immigration Voice‘s PR agency must have hired the NYT.

Sob stories such as the one below abound:

Just as with all their fake sob stories on Twitter of Indian doctors being denied H-1B visas or green cards to save every last American from the virus, now the NYT is parroting the same lies: poor heroic Indian doctors are selflessly here in America to save Americans from the virus, but an ungrateful America is restricting their entry and denying them green cards.

Pure propaganda.

Pure PR.

All bullshit.

These people don’t want the American people knowing they are displacing American doctors. They don’t want American doctors having good jobs.

A host of Indian orgs are behind these lies: NASSCOM, USIN-PAC,, Immigration Voice, and the Indian gov’t itself.

Meanwhile millions of skilled American doctors are being shut out of the job market and can’t get residency because they’re being crowded out of the medical job market by foreign doctors and nurses.

Doctors without Jobs Calls for Activation of
Unmatched Physicians in Coronavirus Pandemic

2 Replies to “NYT jumps on ‘Indian doctors saving Americans from COVID-19’”

  1. patriot2020

    How come we don’t just deport them now to let them help their own country if they are so talented instead of looting America to ground? No need for visas with 20+ million Americans unemployed in COVID-19!

    • admin


      If Bill Clinton had not signed the Loral + Hughes export waivers in 1997 which sold our ICBM/rocket launch tech to India + China that year, we wouldn’t even be trading with them. It is only because India and China acquired nuclear warhead delivery capability that year that we even deal with them. It is the unstated policy of the US gov’t to try to make an ally of any and all nuclear-armed countries, and that includes India. That and the fact that our treasonous corporations want cheap indentured labor and billions of customers in Asia that this goes on. But in the end it will come back to haunt us. Trading With Enemies always does.

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