President Trump Takes Us for Fools With His Immigration Executive Order –

Do you take me for a fool? Do you think that I don’t see that ditch out in the valley that they’re digging just for me“.

— Steely Dan

Yep. That’s right – it’s mostly election year show and little more.

Trump knows the election is coming up and he won’t be able to make any more blowhard claims and speeches if he doesn’t at least have some tiny shred of evidence to back it up.

Armies of H-1B invaders, of course, were exempted while 30-40 million Americans are out of work.

Election theatrics – that’s all it is. Trump is not about to end H-1B or immigration as promised.


“This is very clever word play. Because the H-1B visa, which IS an immigrant visa upon which over TWO MILLION software slag workers with fake degrees permanently took jobs from American software workers and another TWO MILLION are here trying to get their green cards, they are CLASSIFIED as a non-immigrant visa. the H-1B”.