Paul Gossar: ‘“Free” Chinese learning software is actually pro-CCP propaganda’

2 Replies to “Paul Gossar: ‘“Free” Chinese learning software is actually pro-CCP propaganda’”

  1. jean max siou

    Mister Gossar , you’are a real piece of shit. Here in France (Paris) you will be in jail for total stupidity. You are a dangerous criminal, a racist,and more.
    Have you ever read a book? Certainly not, just a cartoon for 3 years old child;
    I hate you;;;you are a shame for USA; Just a stupid “arriviste”.

    • admin

      Well, wonder who made this response? Brussels socialists? UN operatives? NASSCOM operatives? India Incs? Modi’s team itself? Or maybe ChiComs sitting in computer bunkers monitoring everything Americans say? Don’t want the truth coming out about what the Indian Mafia is doing? Too bad for you since we’re not about to go away. Oh and this isn’t France – it’s America and we have a guarantee of free speech. No wonder hellhole socialist EU is dying.

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