Racist Wipro sued again over discrimination

Yes that’s right – India Inc mafia RICO shop Wipro only hires Indians.

It’s criminal defamer founder, Azim Premji went on US TV a few years ago and defamed American tech workers by saying “America does not have the talent”.

This despite the fact that Americans created Silicon Valley and India Inc outsourcers caused both the 2002 and 2008 collapses. They also caused the collapse of Boeing.

These people are racist organized crime operating on US soil and violating US law and EEOC regulations.

They only hire Indians.

This is the prime reason Americans can’t find jobs.

“According to the suit, the former employees have alleged “discrimination” against staff who are not of South Asian and Indian origin. The employees have sought “injunctive, declaratory, equitable, and monetary relief.

Wipro operates under a general policy of discrimination in favor of South Asians and against individuals who are not South Asian and not Indian. This general policy of discrimination manifests itself in the same general fashion with respect to Wipro’s hiring, staffing, promotion, and termination decisions,’ alleged the former employees in the suit”.

India-only racists Wipro, and its criminal defamer founder, Azim Premji, 2nd from right.

Racists Wipro only hire Indians. Totally illegal under US law. Where is the EEOC?