Cheap labor Chambers of Commerce seek federal aid in a struggle for survival

Now here’s a bit of poetic justice.

The #1 cheap labor lobby in DC – the US Chamber of Commerce – is now begging for Federal bucks.

Looks like they didn’t save enough of the dues all their biz cronies paid them over the years.

No, they’re too busy paying their execs $200K a year just for throwing dinner parties.

Most Chamber execs have a great deal: they pay for their cars, insurance, and meals out of Chamber money, write it all off as a business expense, and save a ton for themselves. Plus they get paid vastly overinflated salaries for doing an easy job – a fundraiser here, a dinner there, a rally here or there, and boom – $200K/year.

Compare that to the average software engineer who works a gruelling 80 hour week every week under high stress to grind out products. Oh, but if those workers want $100K, then they’re being paid too much.

In reality all the Chambers should go under since they’re organized crime essentailly engaging in illegal wage-fixing, which is a crime under Federal law. All of them should be shut down under RICO laws.

Not a penny of bailout $ should go to the Chamber, since aside from their own fat-cat elites they don’t produce anything and are engaging in crime.