Fortune 500 to Agencies: Help Keep US Jobs Filled with 200,000-plus Visa Workers – Breitbart

“The government will open “hundreds and thousands” of jobs to Americans if it won’t extend work permits for foreign visa workers, says a plea from advocacy groups funded by Mike Bloomberg, the Koch networks, and many Fortune 500 companies.

“For a politician, this should be a no-brainer,” responded Kevin Lynn, founder of U.S. Tech Workers. “This is no brainer … if you’re a citizen who is going hungry while foreigners are being preferred for hiring, you’re going to vote that politician out office.”

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“China and India would never allow U.S. workers to displace their citizens with foreign nationals, only U.S. congress supports this foolishness”.

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“Here it is on full display…….American worker displacement being funded by the Koch Family !!!!! The Koch Family funds Americans for Prosperity……these are the two major funding channels for REPUBLICAN candidates in primaries and running for re-election !!!!! Let that sink in

This is why Republicans are not running for re-election……they can’t get campaign donations unless they are for open borders……cheap labor……amnesty and unlimited visas !!! And if they do take the $$$$$ and get elected they will always vote AGAINST the American citizen and worker.
Wake up MAGA KAGA people”.