Indian-origin engineer charged in $10mn US COVID-19 relief fraud

The fake India Inc “engineer” looting scam just got caught red-handed again.

There is no scheme these frauds won’t use to try to get rich.

Brainpower. Right, Mr. Trump?

“Shashank Rai “fraudulently pursued millions of dollars in loans intended for legitimate small businesses suffering the economic hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic”, Assistant Attorney General Brian Benczkowski said on Wednesday announcing the filing of charges.

He faces several charges including bank fraud and making false statements to a federal agency.

Rai, 30, applied for a $10 million loan from a bank under the Paycheque Protection Programme (PPP) claiming to have 250 employees with a monthly payroll of $4 million when there were no records of paying workers, according to documents filed in the federal court in Beaumont, Texas”.

2 Replies to “Indian-origin engineer charged in $10mn US COVID-19 relief fraud”

  1. patriotmouse

    i bet he’s surprised he got caught. In India they just look the other way.

    They have a mindset that Americans are dopes to be taken advantage of because of the H-1B

    • admin

      Indeed. They think all Americans are stupid – mainly because the India Incs were able to come in so easily and steal Silicon Valley from us.

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