IBM cutting ‘thousands’ of workers across US, including North Carolina

Probably being looted and moved to India by the new Indian mafia IBM CEO. Doesn’t take ’em very long once they take over a US company.

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  1. patriotmouse

    IBM still has their name their badge of quality. But then they put 20 Indians on a project who barely.. BARELY can program. They don’t care the profits are huge. The Indians get paid 20 dollars an hour and they bill them out for 100 dollars an hour.

    Eventually companies will realize that IBM is far from the best and brightest, more like the smelliest.

    • admin

      Indeed. IBM is a disaster. It is being sued by 3 states for over $100 million each for failed projs. They are engaging in criminal H-1B violating labor arbitrage, as is Accenture, DXC Technology (whose CEO Mike Salvino is a former Accenture exec), and others. So are all the India Inc big bodyshops. All organized crime, all violating the law.

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