Western Supremacy Is On Its Way Out –

Looks like 22 years of mass importation of guest workers didn’t keep America booming as promised.

The opposite has happened. The end of the US as a world power is already assured.

“Psychological and emotional collapse is not the only form of collapse underway in the US and Western world generally.  There is also economic and social collapse, especially in the United States.  Today America’s once great manufacturing and industrial cities, such as Detroit, St. Louis, Cleveland, Flint Michigan, Gary Indiana, have lost 20% of their populations, largely due to the offshoring of US manufacturing. (See )

Among the solutions being investigated are refuge camps and a rethinking of the policy of taking in millions of peoples from impoverished and unstable countries. We are impoverishing ourselves without making a dent in world poverty.  For every person the US takes in, tens of thousands remain. Already areas of the US look and function like India of 100 years ago“.

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