Trump admin considers further restrictions on foreign workers – US professors delusional

“Despite being hit hard by coronavirus, foreign workers remain a target”.

Remain a target?

What do they think armies of these 3rd world invaders have been doing to American workers for the past 22 years? Jealous losers from failed countries have been invading and targeting Americans for removal from jobs in the US for 2 decades. 4-8 million US tech workers have been economically genocided out of US jobs in the past 2 decades.

We’re not talking a few foreign workers here. We’re talking 5 million, minimum – 10X the size of the US Army’s land forces.

“Multiple Homeland Security officials who declined to be named in describing the deliberations said the DHS recommendations were focused on economic “risk” to U.S. workers”.

Declined to be named – either because they themselves are foreign invaders who get into our agencies to manipulate policy, or because they are “former” NASSCOM lobbyists such as DHS’ Chad Wolf who is still working for India.

Don’t play dumb with us. We know what your agenda is – removal of more American workers from the workforce.

But then comes the strong delusion which is what is really killing America:

“Jennifer Hunt, an economics professor at Rutgers University, said continuing immigration restrictions even as the economy starts to turn around would stifle recovery efforts.

“Having more people is like a stimulus package because they arrive and buy goods and services including housing, boosting overall GDP which would reduce unemployment even though the newcomers are joining the labor force,” Hunt told ABC News. “Such a stimulus would also boost GDP per capita”.

Of course that is not what happens.

What really happens is: the looters come in and displace Americans who have mortgages, car payments, kids to send to college – driving them out of the economy entirely – leading to loss of consumers, loan defaults, and removing their economic activity.

Delusional economists never consider those effects.

At the same time the invaders want remittances – dollars to send home, where, once converted to 3rd world currencies, are worth a king’s ransom. They come here to “die for dollars” as Silicon Valley Indian programmers say.

On top of that, they steal the jobs Americans train them for, and move the jobs back to India or China or Mexico – which removes industry and jobs from the US, further weakening the US economy. The mass dollar looting combined with US job loss, and loss of US industry is killing the US. Just go look at Detroit or any other once-prosperous US city which is now a destroyed hellhole. The invaders get our dollars, our tax base collapses, and we lose our industries to other countries.

The gov’t and eggheads think they are expanding the US economy, by expanding the number of people and turning them into consumers, when in reality, the opposite is happening. American consumers are being destroyed, and the new invaders aren’t acting like new American consumers.

Just because you bring more people in doesn’t mean the economy automatically grows – if those people are removing assets, jobs, and industries from the US, then it’s going to shrink and harm the US economy.

Not everyone in the world loves American or has our best interests at heart. These people are here to take from us.

These economists have no idea what actually happens in the economy. More is not always better. If you bring a million bank robbers into the US, their behavior is probably going to be harmful to the economy overall.

On top of that, India Incs bring in L-1 visa holders by the millions without any numerical limit – and as Senator Diane Feinstein testified before congress in 2003, L-1 visa holders pay no taxes. Gov’t data shows that the invasion of foreign workers which began in 1998 has collapsed the US tax base:

In addition – a long list of US companies have been ruined or almost ruined by these invaders once they take over.

They caused the 2002 collapse in Silicon Valley, they caused the collapse on Wall St. in 2008, they caused the near-destruction of Boeing. India Inc outsourcing caused all of it.

Sorry professor, but you’re just plain wrong. Importing millions of these invaders is destroying the US economy, not expanding it. Tens of millions of American consumers are being removed from the economy and are being replaced by tens of millions of looters who are here to rob us.

It’s that simple. And those are the facts.

Trump’s threat of total immigration ban ignites outrage, confusion

Armies of racist looters from Asia – mostly from India – target Americans for removal from the workforce. You target us, you get targetted back. It’s generally called karma.

Armies of racist looter programmers move in, Americans get thrown out.

Indian Mafia companies such as InfoSys are the ones doing the targeting – targeting Americans in their own country.