Yes, that’s right.

Not only do the India Inc mafia looters steal American jobs, target Americans for removal from the workforce, and siphon the US economy by stealing our industries, but now they are taking over our gov’t too. Once your gov’t no longer protects you, you are doomed.

Foreign powers now control our gov’t.

You have to understand the depth and manipulation of the Indian Mafia on our economy and the US gov’t.

These people are mastermind criminals. They will use any tactic to get what they want – and that includes India Incs now getting into our gov’t agencies and manipulating US policy and operations to serve them.

Already India’s IT lobby NASSCOM has placed one of its “former” lobbyists in as acting DHS chief.

Our agencies which are supposed to protect the American people are now under the control of foreign powers.

King Modi sits over in India and manipulates US corporations and gov’t by remote control. He even has an agent in the Joe Biden campaign now.

Without this foreign influence inside our gov’t, gov’ts such as India’s could never get its open borders, invasion/takeover, fake engineer, H-1B job robbing agenda across on America.

We need full investigations into DHS, its staff, Chad Wolf – its acting director, and any other illegal foreign influence in our gov’t.

We are being taken over from within, people. Wake up.

“Government agencies around the country are hiring thousands of foreign H-1B workers to fill well-paid government jobs needed by U.S. graduates.

The governments’ hidden workforces of roughly 18,000 H-1B employees are an easy target for President Donald Trump as he searches for ways to open up good jobs for the many American graduates who have been forced out of jobs by the coronavirus crash.”

jjtm • 14 hours ago

“i went to a cafeteria in the dc area in a fed building and there were so many chinese there i thought i was in china. They are not regular fed employees because you have to be a citizen. they are part of contractor hire — H-1B — these foreigners are getting paid well with OUR fed tax money on OUR fed property!!!!!!!

And Lindsay Graham, Cornyn and a bunch of other yahoo senators wrote a letter to Trump today urging him not to cut off these temp work visas”.

Modi has agents in most US campaigns and parties – including the Joe Biden campaign.

Acting head of the department of homeland security, Chad Wolf.

“Former” NASSCOM lobbyist Chad Wolf – now acting director of DHS. You can bet your last dollar he is a Modi agent also.

New head of US homeland security is ex-lobbyist of Indian trade body Nasscom

Strengthening Our Bond with India | United States Senator John ...

TX Senator John Cornyn works for India, not for the people of TX.