Asian Americans are a rising force in America

Well now, that doesn’t sound too temporary to us.

Who’s racist now Sujeet?

The fact is we are being silently, slowly invaded and taken over.

India + China are using our temporary guest worker programs as mass full-scale invasion programs to take over America and remove white people from the world stage forever.

“A new report by Nielsen, “Engaging Asian American Consumers at the Dawn of a New Decade”, part of Nielsen’s Diverse Intelligence Series, explores the community’s consumer behaviors that are setting the pace for two important industry trends: the media platforms that are winning among Asian Americans amid the streaming wars and the content that is capturing their attention; and secondly, the gaming industry that is breaking boundaries as entertainment, and how Asian Americans are integral to its ecosystem as gamers, spectators, and content creators“.

It should be noted that Neilsen in Oldsmar FL was taken over years ago by Tata Consulting Services which replaced all the Americans working there. This was in response to Lou Dobbs exposing the H-1B program years back on CNN. The Indian Mafia took over Neilsen and rigged Dobbs’ ratings in order to make his show fail so he would be off CNN.

That is the kind of manipulation a failed loser nation such as India will go to in order to take over what white people built.

These people just love to gloat with an in-your-face attitude. India has forced its way into the US via the H-1B visa program and is now stealing America.

We are being conquered.

Better wake up.

Sujeet Rajan, 2nd from left, lobbying US Congress.