Apple’s Xcode tools buggy, no longer reliable

You may remember a while back we posted a link to an article about how Wipro, Accenture, and other Indian outsourcers were destroying Apple’s Tools division.

Go back and watch the WWDC videos from 2016. You’ll see the Xcode tools team was mostly taken over by foreign Asian workers – and a few from Europe. Only 1 American engineer was shown in the videos.

Xcode used to be incredibly reliable and worked prefectly. It was one reason Apple’s developers and Apple itself were so successful.

But now that foreign workers got their hands on it – the genius foreign workers America supposedly can’t do without – Xcode is a mess. Buggy, unreliable, catastrophic errors such as losing track of files, project corruption, inexplicable build errors which run compiles, and try to link, but with no output and no errors. Simple things such as creating a new group and trying to rename it fails, can’t add files outside of a project’s directory, opening and closing projects results duplicate files being added.

You name it, Xcode is a mess. At this point it’s worth questioning whether or not it’s even worth it to be an Apple developer any longer – given that without reliable tools it’s just too frustrating to try to make something.

Foreign workers wrecking America’s crown jewel company. American engineers who created it driven out, in favor of foreign workers who once again, have proven they can’t do the job well.

It’s for this reason something such as an Apple never arises in other countries – other countries are simply unable to create something like an Apple, or a SpaceX.

Americans build the great US tech companies, parasitic foreign workers move in and ruin them. It’s happening all over.

Apple is not long for this world, since if its developers abandon ship, it is finished.

Just one more example of how foreign workers do not keep America competitive, as claimed.

Xcode will even start randomly adding huge numbers of subprojects to your project which you never added – inexplicably.