Cato Coverup: The Facts About the L-1 Visa Program

Their PR article failed to mention the biggest fact about the program: 1000s of India Inc illegally use L-1 visas to fly visa fraud workers into the US, and then place them at client companies – something that has been going on since H-1B increases sunset in Oct. 2003.

All of it is illegal: L-1s can only be used for intracompany transfers.

1000s of India Inc staffing companies are abusing the L-1 program and violating US law.

Oh – and as Senator Diane Feinstein testified in 2003 before congress: L-1 visa holders pay no income taxes. No wonder a once-surplus USA has gone massively into the red. These looters have destroyed our tax base.

Where did America’s massive tax deficit come from? From armies of invading non-tax paying L-1 visa workers from India. Before that – around 2000 when Americans ran the economy, USA had a tax surplus. But then again – that is what Fed bankers wantsince too much prosperity is bad for the loan business. Just as criminal wage-fixer Alan Greenspan – after all, he Robert Reich, and Billy Jeff Clinton were the ones who engineered all this back in the 90’s.

US to double H1-B, L-1 visa fee to upto $4,500 for Indian firms ...

No one even knows how many job robbing Indians are in the US on L-1s – since there is no numerical limit and the US gov’t does not keep track of the number. With 1000s of fraud India Inc staffing companies running amok all over America, it could be millions.