In Virginia a Victory for the ‘America First’ Immigration Agenda – Breitbart

Scumbag sellout globalist Denver Riggleman was defeated by Bob Good in GOP primaries. But will the new guy also be co-opted by India Inc lobbyists if he wins?

Conservative outsider Bob Good unseated Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA) in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District GOP primary in an upset that pit an “America First” immigration agenda against the conservative beltway’s record on the issue.

Whom Does Denver Riggleman Serve?

Shocker alert, it’s not you.

Whom does a Congressman serve? Is it his or her own constituents back home or the power elites and special interests who swarm through the corridors of Capitol Hill?

Over the course of his first months in office freshman Congressman Denver Riggleman has left a trail of votes which unambiguously answers this question.

On January 22 Riggleman voted for H.J. Resolution 31. This allows DHS to vastly increase H2B visas for foreign nationals. It’s important to note that these are workers for non-agricultural labor, not seasonal workers for picking crops. The bill also reduces detention bed funding for ICE and prevents the hiring of new ICE agents.