Yes indeed.

A jealous world is on a rampage to get rid of white history and culture.

White men built the modern world, and that is a historical fact.

It began with India stealing Silicon Valley from white American men who created it 20 years ago.

China stole most US industry created by white men.

Most good jobs in the US created by white men are now occupied by non-white-non-males.

But just as soon as that happened notice what came next: chaos, anarchy, collapse, massive debt and unemployment.

The world was much better off when white men were in charge, and that is a fact.

In the future, most of the world including Amerika will look like CHAZ or Africa, or pre-theft China, or just a complete Mad Max chaos scenario.

There will be no civilization anywhere – since civilization was created by white men, which are being eliminated from the world.

The worst part is white men have been cowered into not standing up for themselves or their civilization.

Enjoy your future humanity – it’s not going to be pretty.

Worse, once America and its ideals are gone, the world will descend back into slavery once more – most likely with large-population races being the new slave owners: China, India, or Islam.

The future of humanity is barbarity – now at our doorstep.

Indians inavded and largely eradicated white people from Silicon Valley. Let in millions of people with a vendetta against white people and you’re likely to lose your country.

Silicon Valley – created by white men – was stolen by jealous Asians who have never invented anything of any significance. Everything whites built is now in other hands.

2 thoughts on “Pat Buchanan: Cancel The White Men – And What’s Left?”
  1. The Chinese are still miffed that Europeans took away paper and gunpowder and angry over the Opium Wars and never forgave Europeans for that centuries ago. INDIANS especially HINDUS are still holding nasty grudges towards ALL EUROPEANs from the British who civilized them hundreds of years ago. We now suffer a failed planet from this fallout.

    1. Bingo. China and India hate white people. Weaponized immigration is being used to overwhelm them. Not to mention this is all about international socialism for the failed communist/socialist states such as India/China. We are importing mostly people who HATE white people because the globalists don’t want white people inventing any new industries which create tax surplus, put bankers out of work, and allow Americans to pay off their debts. The globalists and whole world are jealous of successful white people who invented the modern world. America is under attack by jealous 3rd world immigration. They attack white Americans everywhere they can.

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