FAA chief acknowledges agency, Boeing made mistakes on 737 Max

And their biggest mistake was hiring fake $9/hr India Inc engineers from HCL, which broke the law as did their India Inc former CIO whom they dumped real fast after his Title 8 and H-1B violations came to light.

In all liklihood India Incs bribed the FAA to look the other way – after all, FAA had previously BANNED HCL from the 787 proj because their work was so unsafe.

As usual, Indian Mafia will never be held accountable – they never are. They always fail and nothing is ever done about them.

However, he rejected senators’ accusations the FAA was “stonewalling” probes after two fatal crashes.

In a particularly tense exchange at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing on aircraft certification, Senator Ted Cruz accused Dickson of speaking in the passive voice as a way of “avoiding responsibility” after Dickson told him, “Mistakes were made.”

“So unknown somebodies made unspecified mistakes for which there were no repercussions.” Cruz said. “What mistakes were made and who made them?”

Not “unknown sombodies” – India Inc mafia CIOs who laid off American engineers and funneled all the jobs to HCL frauds who didnt know how to write software. Boeing of course, dumped this clown real fast – so their visa fraud couldn’t be uncovered. Are you paying attention Mr Cruz?