Bullshit. Indians never had it so good:

  1. Best jobs in America handed to them for free the instant they step off the plane.
  2. Green cards and citizenship when they were supposed to be temporary.
  3. Not required to leave as promised.
  4. Millions of jobs stolen from Americans.
  5. Full occupation of Silicon Valley.
  6. Millions of jobs and billions of jobs exported back to India off the backs of Americans – for free.
  7. Trillions in stole industry from USA.
  8. Control of America’s most valuable industry – IT.

This is all propaganda. No other nation has been handed so much for so little as Indians in America.

These people see their free ride off the backs of Americans about to be cut off so they’re throwing up all kinds of sob stories about how they are “oppressed”.

Millions of Indians were handed Silicon Valley and its best jobs for nothing – and they now occupy its best companies. Americans who built it, meanwhile have been kicked into homeless tents in the streets.

They sure are suffering.

2 thoughts on “Sob story: ‘US Senators have failed to abolish national origin discrimination which presently affects Indian born immigrants disparately making their lives unbearable as they labor in servitude’”
  1. These 76 IQ Indians are cocky as hell too. They really think they are good. Wonder if they are so good why India is a third world hell hole.

    1. Indeed. They are all arrogant. They even claim they created Silicon Valley when Americans really did. India has never invented anything. They cannot even pick up their own trash. They steal Americans’ resumes and paste their names on them, they steal source code from Americans, paste their names on them and then claim they wrote it. Meanwhile the list of US companies they destroyed is a mile long. And we’re importing tens of millions of them. No wonder America has problems. Arrogant racist losers.

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