‘HCL, asked for and got the H-1Bs for Disney by swearing only that the new H-1Bs would not displace other HCL workers in the United States’

Well looks like Cuccinelli actually did his job and investigated – unlike most of the rest of the US Gov’t.

These lies and fraud have been going on in the US for decades.

Not only the Disney corruption, but at HCL too – which was the Indian Mafia RICO loot shop who got funneled all of Boeing’s good American engineering jobs after it placed one of its mafia buddies into Boeing as CIO.

Of course the Indian Inc CIO got canned real fast as soon as the planes crashed and all the Boeing execs were afraid of getting caught for VISA FRAUD.

They were all doing visa fraud and they all knew it. Even Boeing’s former CEO, Dennis A. Muilenburg – who made off with $27 million in compensation and who never went to prison.

HCL is nothing but a big organized crime syndicate.

Yes America, India Inc organized crime is running rampant in our once-great country, and is finally being caught by the US gov’t – after a nearly quarter-century crime spree on unsuspecting Americans.

It’s on a scale so huge and out of control, even Al Capone wouldn’t have believed it.

Indian Mafia makes the gangster organizations of the 1920’s look like a kindergarten by comparison.

C Vijayakumar – CEO of India Inc organized crime RICO syndicate HCL Technologies.

Indian Mafia puts its agents in as executives, then makes the decisions to lay off Americans and funnel all the jobs to India Inc mobster buddies.