Immigration lawyer Cyrus Mehta freaks over H-1B EO, quotes laws

Cyrus D Mehta

Would you buy a used car from this man?

Party’s over you RICO looter.

Better find a new line of work.

AILA lawyers are one of the biggest threats to America today.

People like Mehta need to be arrested + jailed.

Most of them are doing visa fraud.

India Incs such as Wipro, Tata, InfoSys, HCL, and Cognizant are some of the biggest hate groups operating in America today. AILA lawyers such as Mehta and Sheela Murthy are how they are enabled. Why won’t you mention India Inc’s racist hate in your tweets, Mehta?


Sounds like legallized looting us.

And thanks for admitting H-1B is racist – since 71% of them go to Indians.

Why don’t you quote Title 8, Section 1182 INADMISIBLE ALIENS in your burst of outrage on Twitter?


The real racists and xenophobes – all the racist H-1Bs from India people like Mehta let in.