In Texas, H-1B visa limit would be felt by many companies

Certainly by all the illegal H-1B India Inc staffing companies there.

After all, the Indian Mafia began to target TX for takeover and invasion in order to change the demographics of that state so someone like Trump could never get elected again.

Without an invasion conduit and takeover mechanism such as H-1B, that won’t be possible.

More lies from the criminal Cheap Labor Chamber of Commerce that skilled Americans can’t be found.

Americans invented Silicon Valley. Indians are being trained by them.

More H-1B visas were issued in Dallas-Fort Worth than anywhere outside of the New York City area between 2010 and 2016 — more, even, than Silicon Valley — according to a report from the Pew Research Center.

Houston, Austin and Bryan-College Station were also in the nation’s top 20.

Drexell Owusu from the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce says these work permits are vital for companies that can’t find Americans with the right technical expertise. And it’s not just internet companies that use them.

“Certain types of engineers or certain types of manufacturing techs,” he said. “Lots of highly specialized skill sets.”

So highly specialized in fact, that Americans have to train them how to do their jobs, as this photo from inside the Federal Reserve Bank of NY shows.

Seems Mr. Owusu is an anti-white visa fraud perpetrator and should be arrested immediately for wage-fixing, which is a Federal crime.

Owusu is also a former banker and “strategy consultant” – one who didn’t advise Blockbuster that it was about to be wiped out by Apple’s iTunes. Realy smart there, jackass. Best and brightest American can’t do without.

The truth is most Chamber executives across the country are taking bribes from foreign powers such as India.