The US Sinophobia Tracker: How America is becoming unfriendly to Chinese students, scientists, and scholars

Justice Department special China unit targets Beijing's 'economic ...

The Chinese Exclusion Act was passed in the 1800’s during the railroads mainly because many of the imported Chinese workers were found to be thieves.

Today it’s the same thing except that millions of them are now in our tech companies on H-1B visas and are stealing huge amounts of US industrial secrets, know-how, and tech.

Even Apple and Tesla got robbed by H-1B workers from China.

You didn’t mentiont those links on your page, did you?

“Scientists” and “Scholars” are codeword for industrial spies. The biggest industrial espionage conduit into the US there is.

Are you working for CCP too?

Chinese Student Spies Overwhelm US

Apple self-driving car project: Chinese engineer charged with stealing secrets