How To Join Trump Travel Ban Lawsuit? (H1B, L1, J1)

Any attempt to limit India Inc invaders will immediately be met with lawsuits.

What kind of temporary guest workers sue the gov’t that is hosting them and tells it when they can and cannot leave or stay?

Of course the AILA is involved.

Immigration lawyers make millions doing visa fraud every year. A lobby that big is not about to give up their cash cow.

“Attorneys & AILA are asking people & employers to share impact of Trump’s travel ban on families & businesses. Lawsuit is being prepared. You can join.

The Trump government’s travel ban for anyone who is currently outside the US will hurt many families.

Multiple attorneys are planning to file a litigation against Trumps’ H-1B, L-1, J-1, and immigrant visa ban.”

And you have been hurting and destroying the lives of tens of millions of American tech workers for over 22 years.

You cannot escape karma, India.