Black Lives Matter: Holding Indians up as a model minority isn’t helping – CNN

A model minority?

Stealing Silicon Valley from the Americans who created it, stealing US trade secrets and sending them back to India. Targeting Americans for removal from the workforce?

Just because you stole an American engineer’s job so you could make $150K/yr doesn’t mean you’re a “model minority”.

If Indians are called “model minorities” then bank robbers should be too.

Just because you have $ and prestige does not mean you are good for America.

In fact, one of the reasons black people have miniscule representation in the US STEM workforce is because of India Inc racism.

“Brown Silence” is happening because the Indian Mafia is keeping black Americans out of jobs just as they are doing to white Americans. They sure don’t want anyone finding out what they are really up to.

These people are way worse than Antifa or Nazis.

What the “model minority” is really doing to Americans.