Ex-Intel Engineer: Skylake QA Problems Drove Apple Away

Definitely not keeping America competitive.

Now that Intel has filled up with H-1B/H4 looters from India for the past 20 years it is falling by the wayside.

Not keeping America competitive.

Not helping Intel.

AMD and Snapdragon – as well as new Chinese CPUs based on stolen US tech are surpassing Intel. H-1B has allowed industrial thieves in to loot America, and the loser fraud workers we imported from India to “keep America competitive” didn’t work.

The opposite has happened.

Apple will make its own CPUs from now on – and they are going to be orders of magnitude faster than Intel’s old junk.

Just one more example of a once-great American company filling up with foreign workers and dying.

Boeing, Microsoft, Intel – all falling apart now since filling up with these job robbers. How many more major US companies can be trashed by India before the US economy collapses?

Remember that H4 EO Obama signed while still in office giving 100,000’s of US test jobs to the H4-visa-wielding wives of Indian H-1B workers?

Well, it looks like they didn’t do their jobs either.

Just more proof that everywhere these people go, everything dies.

Will America ever wake up or will we simply be relegated to 3rd world status as our most valuable companies continue to get looted?

“According to an ex-Intel engineer, Apple pulled the trigger as far back as 2015, after it saw how buggy the Skylake CPU and platform were.

Francois Piednoël relayed the story while playing Xplane and streaming on YouTube. According to him, Skylake’s wretched quality assurance (QA) process caused Apple to turn away from Intel and explore its own options”.