Y2K visa overstayer Indian Mafia rage in the streets to demand Sen. Durbin remove his block on racist bill S.386

Funny how temporary guest workers never leave when they are supposed to and then demand our laws be changed only to favor them. If you want to see the real ethnic cleansers, look no further than Silicon Valley and India Inc staffing companies.

Sign the White House Petition – Stop the H-1B Genocide of American Engineers

Not so “temporary” are they?

Did someone say “ethnic cleansers”? That would be India Incs in Silicon Valley and tech jobs all over the US – targeting and removing anyone who is not Indian.

bell labs

What’s left of once-great Bell Labs – after the Indian Mafia got done with it. After India Inc conman Arun Netravalli got done with it, its smouldering carcass had to be sold off to Nokia.