Not keeping America competitive: Another fatal F-16 crash – after Lockheed outsoruced to India Incs

Outsourcing our defense to India is absolute madness.

A few years ago makers of the US F-16 fighter – Lockheed Martindecided to ship most production of that plane to India.

Now F-16’s are dropping out of the sky like bees dying from Glyphosate: another US pilot has been killed in a fatal F-16 crash.

Like Boeing, Lockheed can no longer make reliable planes that work. Before shipping all the work to India the F-16 was incredibly reliable for over 50 years.

Not any more.

India’s fake engineers + crappy QA have ruined another American icon – and threatened our security.

Sun Microsystems, Lehman, Intel, Boeing, now Lockheed – all dead or dying of the disease called India Incs.

Thanks India – you sure are keeping America…. competitive.

When the next world war comes will America even be able to compete in it?

Is India deliberately sabotaging the US?

Is Russia using India as a proxy to sabotage our military?

Makes one wonder…….

US Air Force: Tech Transfer Issues Key to F-16 Production Line Move to India

“WASHINGTON — The issue of technology transfer is likely to be the sticking point on whether the US government sanctions the potential move of Lockheed Martin’s F-16 production line to India, the US Air Force’s top civilian said Wednesday.

Fresh off an August trip to the Asia-Pacific region with stops at India, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, US Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James told reporters she discussed the possible sales of F-16s and Navy F/A-18s with Indian defense officials to help promote the US defense industry and further military cooperation between the two nations. Both Lockheed and Boeing, which produces the F/A-18, have proposed moving production to India in the hopes of attracting new sales of two fighter jets whose days are numbered”.

US aerospace industry wants to outsource from Indian firms

Lockheed Martin’s proposed F-21 partnership with India will deliver an advanced, scalable capabilities to the Indian Air Force, provide unmatched industrial opportunities, and accelerates India-US cooperation on advanced technologies.