Chamber of Commerce Sues to Import Foreign Workers with 26M Jobless – Breitbart

That’s right – the biggest illegal wage-fixing criminal lobby in DC – the US Chamber of Commcere is suing to continue to be able to import millions more cheap labor workers into the US.

Unbelievably, this criminal continues to claim there aren’t enough highly skilled Americans to fill jobs. 40-50 million American workers available, and they can’t find enough workers.

“As a result of the Proclamation, American businesses … are unable to fill necessary positions. There is a shortage of high-skilled American workers in certain fields, and the Proclamation bars American companies from turning to the international labor market to fill these positions. As a result, many of those openings will go unfilled entirely. [Emphasis added]”

Complete bullshit.

There is a massive skilled worker surplus all over America – companies just want cheap labor.

3 million job robber invaders every year. The US does not have that kind of job growth – the only way 3 million invaders can get jobs is to take them from Americans by replacing them:

“Often, Americans are fired and replaced by foreign visa workers. In many cases, fired Americans are forced to train their foreign replacements before they can receive their severance packages”.

Tom Donahue and most Chamber heads must be arrested immediately for wage-fixing, and market-rigging – both of which are Federal crimes.

“The Chamber of Commerce has filed a lawsuit against President Trump, demanding the 300,000 businesses it represents be allowed to import foreign workers while more than 26 million Americans remain jobless.

On Tuesday, Chamber of Commerce CEO Thomas Donohue announced the group’s lawsuit against Trump’s expanded executive order, signed last month, which halts the H-1B, H-4, H-2B, L-1, and J-1 visa programs to reduce foreign competition against millions of unemployed Americans.

Donohue said in a statement:

Our lawsuit seeks to overturn these sweeping and unlawful immigration restrictions that are an unequivocal ‘not welcome’ sign to the engineers, executives, IT experts, doctors, nurses, and other critical workers who help drive the American economy. Left in place, these restrictions will push investment abroad, inhibit economic growth, and reduce job creation”.

How is it unlawful Tom? Title 8, Section 1182 Inadmissible Aliens, Subsection (5) clearly makes it illegal for ANY alien to even be admitted to the US for skilled or unskilled work if doing so “adversely affects the wages or working conditions of Americans similarly employed”.

Oversupplying the labor force when 42 million Americans are out of work is clearly adversely affecting them.

You’re the one violating US law, Tom.

Further, US law gives the President, not the courts, the sole discretion to decide whom can and cannot be admitted.

Not only is Donahue a criminal, he’s also subverting US law himself.

You’re the one who’s illegal, Tom.

Investment is going abroad anyway – as millions of foreign H-1B workers get into the US, get trained, and then move the jobs offshore. H-1B destroys the US economy, as does all mass immigration.

H-1B has been called the outsourcing visa because it facilitates moving jobs offshore. That’s not “investing in the US”. Many H-1B workers are foreign industrial spies. H-1B facilitates IP theft from US companies – more stolen tech, more stolen industry. That isn’t keeping the US economy, going, Tom.

How do you explain this, Tom?

Donahue is the mouthpiece for pure big business offshoring and cheap labor. All lies. The man is a threat to US security and must be arrested now.

Millions of foreign workers do not drive the US economy – they siphon it. Industrial theft, remittances, loss of companies, failure (Boeing being just one example) all show how this is killing us.

Call or write your congressperson now and demand a full criminal investigation into Tom Donahue.

Did InfoSys bribe Donahue? We won’t know until Congress launches a full investigation, but he sure is cozy with them. Bribery is a common way of doing business in Asia, so it wouldn’t surprise us.

InfoSys regularly pours millions of foreign visa workers into the US illegally, gets them trained illegally via visa fraud, then moves US jobs back to India. All of it illegal. Problem is, Tom Donahue seems perfectly OK with it.

Dem Bones-r-mea day ago

“Mr Donahue is an asshat plain and simple. Those unemployed Americans should file a lawsuit against him”.

catgirldreamer II Dem Bones-r-mea day ago

“Absolutely, and unfortunately I expect an activist justice to overturn the ban on the foreign workers”.

opto catgirldreamer IIa day ago

“I’ve been disgusted with the premise that ALL constitutional protections and opportunities apply to anyone who puts a foot on OUR soil. Sooner than later as this is progressing(??) they’ll be lodging discrimination lawsuits for hiring Americans vs them”.

Rob opto20 hours ago

“I put the Chamber of Greed in the same category as BLM and Antifa… evil special interests trying to hold America hostage. DO NOT PATRONIZE BUSINESSES THAT ARE MEMBERS OF THE CHAMBER OF GREED!! We need NEGATIVE immigration until we are at full employment”.

b.macintosh fird19 hours ago

“Let me guess; they have non profit status, so they write off all their costs and fat paychecks on taxes and everyone with a job pays more to cover those deductions?

Non profits are Effing carpetbaggers, thieves and charlatans. They’re also profoundly deep into money laundering”.