Cheap labor scum, elites, job robbers sue DHS Declaring Trump’s Ban of H-1B and Other Non-Immigrant Workers is Unlawful

Thomas J. Donohue

Tom Donahue – US Chamber of Commerce President, illegal wage-fixer, and market manipulator.

How is it unlawful?

Based on what laws?

Title 8 Section 1182 INADMISSIBLE ALIENS is VERY clear that NO foreign workers may be admitted to the US if doing so adversely affects the wages or working conditions of Americans similarly employed.


The President has the sole discretion to decide who can and cannot be admitted.

H-1B invasion is what is unlawful – and it has been going on illegally – displacing Americans – for over 2 decades.

So is market and price tampering, rigging markets, and wage-fixing. But that is exaxtly what Chamber president Tom Donahue is engaging in.

These cheap labor scumbag elites will do anything keep their cheap labor pipeline going.

Severe economic harm?

What does the Chamber of Cheap Labor Commerce + biz lobbies think they have been doing to the US worker for over 20 years?

It’s called Karma, and you cannot escape it, elites.

The jig is up Tom Donahue. American workers should be the ones suing – to put you behind bars for illegal wage-fixing and market tampering!

Three trade associations and two tech companies jointly filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security July 21, declaring that President Donald Trump’s new ban on H-1B and other non-immigrant workers is illegal.

“The proclamation — which will last at least six months, if not longer, and which is expressly intended to bar hundreds of thousands of workers from entering the country — is inflicting severe economic harm on a wide range of American businesses across all economic sectors. The proclamation is unlawful,” stated the plaintiffs in their lawsuit, which was filed in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, California. Plaintiffs include the National Association of Manufacturers, the U.S Chamber of Commerce, the National Retail Federation, Technet, and Intrax.