Jul 28, 2020

A few of our all-time greatest hits.

Distorted Images

Donate to US Tech Workers March To Fight For H-1B Reform

Senate passes its first race-based bill, S386

The Displacement of the Straight White Male –

Wipro, Infosys, Accenture destroying Apple’s Tools division

Kamala Harris does victory dance with kids, no masks anywhere

6 Similarities Between Modi’s BJP And Hitler’s Nazi Party – Butchers Of Humanity!

Smartmatic’s Chairman Mark Malloch-Brown is tied to George Soros’ Open Society Foundations

Poetry for Politicians: Crime On You Crazy Biden

You want data on displacement of American workers DOL? Here you go: Race replacement in Silicon Valley

Donate to US Tech Workers March To Fight For H-1B Reform + Against S.386

Trump meets with tech workers + signs order on ‘hiring American’

India’s Workers Target Rick Scott for Blocking S.386 ‘Green Card Lite’ Bill

Indian cult kills children for goddess

Cannibal monks of Varanasi: Indian tribe feasts on human flesh, drink from skulls

Kamala Harris Received $81,000 From Planned Parenthood Clinics Caught Selling Aborted Baby Parts

Kamala Harris compared ICE officers to KKK

Kamala Harris ‘Ringleader of the Anti-Catholic Bullying’ in Democrat Party

Michelle Malkin + Sara Blackwell: H-1B bombshell movie

Pompeo Offers $10 Mil Reward On Election Interference

Kshama Sawant has communist affiliatons + was admitted to US illegally

Racist Rogen Actively trying to make less starring white people”

Nazi Hindtuva Indian racist running for office in Houston

Companies ruined or almost ruined by Indian labor

Intel decline traced to Indian Mafia execs

Intel fires Indian-origin chief engineer Murthy for production failures

Intel ‘Stunning Failure’ Heralds End of Era for U.S. Chip Sector

India Mafia former Amazon + Microsoft exec took $5.5M in fraudulent PPP loans

Cognizant Ex-Employee Files Lawsuit Against CEO, Board Members For Bribing

Chamber of Commerce Sues to Import Foreign Workers with 26M Jobless

Delusional Defamer Biden: H-1B Workers ‘Built this Country’

Cambridge U Promotes Indian Mafia Academic After ‘Racist’ Tweets

US Agencies Still Hiring H-1B Visas for American Jobs

Catastrophic software errors doomed Boeing’s airplanes + nearly destroyed its spaceship

Wipro, Infosys, Accenture destroying Apple’s Tools division

‘It’s a shame what’s going on with Apple – starting to become very mediocre’

Apple’s Xcode tools no longer reliable

Trump, Rubio hit Disney over H-1B

Cancel The White Men – What’s Left?

S386 is racism

‘Indian nationals are in front of Sen. Durbin’s home right now protesting about bill S.386; the bill that would allow nationals from India on H-1B visas to monopolize all employment based Green Cards for the next 15-17 years’

Prathap NM, hailed as ‘drone scientist’, passes off German + Japanese drones as his own

USCIS Launches On-line Tip Site for fraud

India Inc Blog Merch Available