Not keeping America competitive: Intel decline traced to Indian Mafia execs, now canned

Just like clockwork – Sun Micro, Lehman, Boeing, now Intel – everything these Indian Mafia looters touch DIES.

No wonder America is falling apart.

Now Intel has canned their Indian-origin chief engineer Murthy Renduchintala for production failures.

Shouldn’t have laid off all those “expensive” American engineers, and replaced them with fake cheap H-1Bs from India – and their failed loser H4 software test wives.

Chip quality failure was what drove Apple away from Intel CPUs. Looks like those 100,000 H4 test wives Obama let in didn’t keep Intel competitive as promised.

On top of that, TSMC made off with most of Intel’s goods – thanks to getting their industrial spies into the company to rip off trade secrets and fab tech. Now Intel is dying.

Mr Trump are you going to continue to argue that letting these fraud thieves into our best companies is…… America First?

Intel couldn’t shrink to 7nm on time – but it was able to reduce one thing: Its chief engineer’s employment

“Renduchintala’s ouster marks escalation of pressure on Intel after disastrous announcement last week that knocked $40 billion off its market value”.

Taiwan’s TSMC is becoming one of the world’s top companies. Intel’s problems are helping