More fake infographics out of Immigraton Voice + Indian Mafia on Twitter

These fraud looters love making up data. No sources are ever provided.

They just make the stuff up.

These people are looting our economy via remittances, industrial theft, and job robbery.

They grab dollars and send them right out of the US econ as fast as they can via and other remittance services.

As Sen. Diane Feinstein testified before congress in 2003, L-1 visa holders pay no income taxes. And employers of OPT workers pay no FICA (Social Security) taxes – which is why we are $24 trillion in debt.

95% green cards for Indians is not fairness.

If Indians are for fairness why do they demand S386 passage without Durbin’s required 50/50 rule which limit H-1Bs at any company to 50%?

50% is fair. 95% is a monopoly. Just more proof of the massive lies and fraud out of the criminal thief nation of India. India is trying to take over our immigration system and change our laws.

Wake up America.

Just because India has more unemployed people (450 million) doesn’t mean it should get most of the green cards. USA is not your cookie jar, India.

America only has 165 million jobs, total – even fewer now with the corona destruction. – 3X fewer jobs than India has unemployed. We simply cannot take unlimited invaders.

No 50/50 rule, no S386 Sanjeev.

The jig is up.