Ice Cube: ‘Undoing White Privilege Means Reimagining What America Should Have Been from the Beginning’ – Breitbart

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America was originally a “howling wilderness” full of savages as Ben Franklin put it.

If white people had not come to America, the modern world wouldn’t exist.

Do you own any fancy cars Ice? How about flying in planes? Do you own a smartphone or PC at your luxury mansion?

Who invented the microphone?

Who invented movies + TV?

All those “privileged” white men did – while all the other races sat around doing nothing.

It’s not “privilege” if you worked 80 hours a week to earn it.

Perhaps in the future with all the chaos + destruction going on America will be more like Africa – or the original wilderness full of nothingness it once was.

Or just an empty nation full of destroyed, emptied out cities.


Not invented by Ice Cube™