Not keeping America competitive: Couple Pleads Guilty to Selling Scientific Trade Secrets to China – Breitbart

As long as the H-1B industrial spy cheap labor pipeline program continues, theft of our trade secrets will continue.

Our top tech companies and research labs are full of these invader thieves.

The more we import, the less competitive USA becomes because they are here to steal our industries and move them back to China + India.

They are not here to contribute to the American economy – they are here to rob us.

The H-1B program must be ended now.

“A Chinese woman and her husband pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court on Thursday to conspiring to sell scientific trade secrets to the Chinese government and to wire fraud focused on research, identification, and treatment of a wide range of pediatric medical conditions.

Li Chen, 46, and her husband, Yu Zhou, 49, made the plea via video conference. The couple both worked at the National Children’s Hospital’s Research Institute in Columbus, Ohio, for a decade before being arrested in California in July 2019. The case was unsealed in August 2019 when they appeared in federal court in Ohio”.

Turtle Egg Xi Jindung15 hours ago

“No news here everyone except Diane Feinstein knows Chinese are thief’s and liars”.