Trump meets with tech workers + signs executive order on ‘hiring American’

This is astounding.

Kevin Lynn of US Tech Workers, attorney Sara Blackwell, and several TVA workers who were displaced by foreign outsourcing workers met with President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

The $8 million-year head of TVA has been canned. He was doing visa fraud big time. He should be thankful he’s not going to prison.

Perhaps the only disappointment of the meeting was that no one actually brought up federal law or EEOC enforcement.

Overall however, a major win. Maybe US tech workers will finally get justice.

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One Reply to “Trump meets with tech workers + signs executive order on ‘hiring American’”

  1. patriot

    Indeed! Trump whether you like him or not, is the very first POTUS in US History to actually do this. Where is that coward commie Biden? Oh, hiding and he most likely does not know who are where he is. Hopefully, Trump makes more changes to end corrupt visas and get Americans back to work and throw out the vermin from the land that time forgot and Chinese CCP spies masquerading in universities and tech companies.

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